About Us

Why Our Process is Different

Change is created from the inside out, instead of top down. Top leaders must sanction the change efforts, but they alone cannot dictate change. Sustainable change only comes when you ignite the collective power of your people.

Our Approach

We've developed a breakthrough approach to enable the entire organization to drive the change.

- Break up hierarchical patterns, without breaking the hierarchy. 

- Organize and optimize leaders, managers and individual contributors in unconventional ways that accelerate change adoption. 

- Embed the change effort into day-to-day work.  

How We Work With You

The Change Coalition partners with leadership to design and build change management strategy by building an intentional culture that drives strategic initiatives. Working alongside leadership and internal change coalition teams, we ensure senior sponsors, project teams, and all stakeholders are aligned, committed, and playing an active part in actualizing change. 

Learn More About Our Approach:

About The Change Coalition (pdf)